Coyio Ltd aims to become a dynamic and pioneering manufacturer of dry nuts, dry fruits and confectionery all over Cyprus. Special attention is given to meet our client needs by using high standards of production and hygiene, by personal and friendly service, by implementing all government regulations, by maintaining modern machinery and infrastructure and finally by the unique taste of our products. The success of our company is based on the loyalty and hard work of the management throughout our operations.

Coyio Ltd implements and continually upgrades a Quality Management System based on EN ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP in order to prove to its clients and staff its commitment to quality. The quality system sets, measures and analyses departmental and company-wide quality objectives. These objectives are revised in frequent time intervals so the efficiency and effectiveness of the quality system are guaranteed.This quality policy is implemented through the use of the Quality Management System. Coyio Ltd does not allow any unauthorized changes or discrepancies from these requirements. The only way for maintaining and satisfying this principle is if everybody works with the high standards and requirements that the company has set.The management and personnel of Coyio Ltd are committed in maintaining and further developing this policy statement.

The General Manager

Limassol 01/01/2006